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Published: 19/September/2019

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I am reading an article about deforestation, research for an article I am about to write concerning the state of deforestation. What the article I am reading, from a famed source, fails to specify and question, is what will happen if there is a failure to address the deforestation?

Most people can imagine that a world with reduced foliage is aesthetically less pleasing, but do readers appreciate the full situation? If you answer Yes to any of the following questions than hopefully you will join and support the CSRAA.

CNN Is Hosting A 7-Hour Climate Change Town Hall. Here’s HowTo Watch._5d701888e8de6.jpeg
  • Do you understand that humans and animal’s breath oxygen to live?
  • Do you understand that the supply of oxygen is not automatic?
  • Do you appreciate that without a fully functioning oxygen producing Biosystem there will be insufficient oxygen to sustain life?
  • Do you realise that there is no alternative to trees and peat to produce oxygen?
  • If the answer is Yes, why do we support current governments and industries that clear, cut, destroy, 1 football field of life producing oxygen forest EVERY MINUTE.
    Yes, we can replant trees, but do we seriously expect a sapling to replace a 100 foot tree?
  • Do we realise that in 30 years we will literally be starved of oxygen and probably die unless there is some way of producing oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide Co2?

To join the CSRAA is free, to donate is to give us trust. We will do whatever we can to keep the world alive for you, your children and your conscience.

I don’t really know where to start. Perhaps you might send us email suggestion. Wouldn’t it be nice to think we are making a difference and becoming part of the solution. I feel very small but I want my conscience to be clear when my grand children ask me “surely you knew what you were doing?” Let’s not be that stupid generation.

The CSRAA will stand against the greed of indulgence. (This sounds like a movie) …. We understand that one person’s endeavours deserve more than someone less talented. But what we cannot support and understand is benefiting whilst others suffer.

Scenarios become public when humans are involved, less so when animals and the environment suffers, think back to relatively recent oil spills and the damage they did, we soon forgot and moved on. Even Fukishima and the ongoing radioactive pollution has been swept under the carpet.

Until consumers appreciate profit with ethics is possible and accountable actions should be enforced before profit is taken, then there is a place for the CSRAA.

So back to writing I go with the intention of keeping you informed. Hopefully together we can make a difference that we can all be proud of and tales will be told…