Ethical Values, Transparency and Social Proof

A CSR survey provides a rating of between 1 and 5. The highest level of performance is represented by 5 stars.

When and if required, most applicants and operations do not require these measurements, engineer analysis needs to complement the survey detailing soil, emissions, C02 and or water.

These tests are at an additional cost to the survey and are generally only required by manufactures who create an environmental impact.  Additional engineering information, if required, is not the responsibility of the CSRAA. You must commission independent engineers to gain information for your CSR rating. Evidence of improved performance is accepted within 3 months of accreditation.

The CSRAA uses a unique rating methodology to assess applicants based on the answers given to the 415 Corporate Social Responsibility question survey. The award of between 1 and 5 stars is based on an applicant’s performance and their answers. Generally, an awarded rating of 1 or 2 stars implies a compliance with governmental legislation whereas an awarded rating of 3, 4 or 5 stars implies United Nations compliance or better.

We evaluate the answers that relate to all aspects of business operations and assess them against moral and association yardsticks. The survey addresses all areas, from the balance of women in staff to the level of opportunity offered to Indigenous individuals through to the stance taken on the environment. The CSRAA initiates spot checks to validate the information entered into the survey. The Association is unable to guarantee applicants accuracy and the validity of the rating, unless they have commissioned a CSRAA full audit.

When a client chooses a full audit, the evaluation is conducted by the Association to produce a totally independent rating within a process that is potentially more unbiased. The difference in the validation assessment is reflected by the wording, CSRAA validated, displayed below the logo. There are no refunds with regard to a full audit which is a time consuming exercise. Each audit is priced and quoted individually. Interested parties should call or email us to signify their interest.

The content on this site is to be used for information purposes only. The site and the ratings do not imply specific financial advice.

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