Membership of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Australia enables you to align with the values of your consumers and staff.

Membership confirms a desire to operate with an ethical footprint. The stance provides a competitive advantage and a chance to promote your actions and values to appreciative shareholders, consumers and staff. Incorporating ethical news into part of your overall marketing message is respectful, honest and necessary. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) components are included in the survey results and rating.

Undoubtedly, disclosure maintains and develops trust. Ethical performance and transparency is a vital part of this procedure. CSRAA membership and the survey results provides a yardstick to complement other key benefits associated with using your product or service.

Trends confirm that more and more customers will not entertain ownership of a product or service without understanding the operational approach. This is also true of staff who also require an understanding of your ethical stance. The CSR rating covers numerous aspects of business, from the ratio of men to women within your management structure and their race to calculating your environmental footprint. A Membership and rating facilitates both better marketing and higher staff satisfaction.