Clear Conscience

The Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Australia, the CSRAA, represents Australian corporations who are socially minded, responsible and ethical.

The CSRAA affords recognition of Corporate Social Responsibility action and of those who have built CSR into their operations. The CSRAA was formed in 2018, evolving from an ethical Index that was originally formed in 2004.

The CSRAA provides representation for companies to communicate with government, legislators and customers. The CSR market has over US 30 trillion dollars invested globally but only AUD $600 million invested within Australia.

The CSRAA has an active network amongst ASX companies. The Association believes the ASX market value, that totals over AUD $1.9 trillion in assets, can profit with ethics in their marketing.

The CSRAA assists CSR incorporation into both the fabric of Australian companies and society. The CSRAA helps create a more responsible, equitable economy and environment. The Association helps corporates align with the values of new and current consumers to help the corporation better communicate and stay up to date with market trends. Often, they themselves have often overlooked and unappreciated their altruism.

The CSRAA offers a certification program that independently identifies CSR initiatives. The CSRAA assists with building CSR into a companies marketing and satisfies staff requirements. The survey evaluates all aspects of a companies stance including racism and the environment to produce a transparent complementary component.

Transparency provides Marketing opportunity

It is comforting to think we are still in control of our own destiny but this is only true if we effectively deal with the challenges facing society, now. This might be true of the timing of environmental impacts or the importance of outlining your stance on racism and equal opportunity.

There are some nations who are failing to be good global citizens. There are some individuals who fail to support and recognise morality. It is our opinion, that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We do not endorse violence but we do encourage individuals to financially support transparency and ethics.

Carbon emissions, global heating, wildlife extinction, lack of individual opportunity, racism and pollution all create negative inputs. We wish to enable support of positive action.

These might be the fires in the Amazon or here in Australia, the recent droughts in South Africa and recent significant floods and hurricanes, or the murder of George Floyd and other indigenous crimes. A stance against these actions and positive rather than negative inputs are to be applauded and supported. By identifying positives we enable individual support of ethical action.

Countries and individuals need to stop putting their own economic welfare before the health of the earth. It is difficult to do, especially when others have profited greatly from similar actions.

By giving climate related issues the prominence they deserve and need, our failure to recognise the earths fragility will not become the defining issue of our time.

By giving equality the recognition and support they deserve, the CSRAA can help promote and reward moral stances.


  • We are currently harvesting oxygen producing trees that also remove CO2 from the atmosphere when we have no other way of replicating what they do. Trees produce oxygen and reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. We need oxygen to live.
  • Tree numbers are finite and are in decline, currently 15 million acres are harvested per year, one football field every minute.
  • When the point is reached, when the earth is unable to remove CO2 from atmosphere; we will die unless there is another solution.
  • Already 100 years of CO2 is present in the atmosphere requiring photosynthetic removal based on the current tree level of approximately 4 billion. 100 years if the tree level remains at the current rate.
  • Less than 200 years of trees are left at current deforestation rates. What happens if the deforestation rate increases or the CO2 figure increases?
  • 200 million users of coal related electrical consumers in India and China alone are entering the market next year which compound CO2 levels and have not as yet even been quantified.
  • Dead trees increase CO2 levels by releasing CO2 they have stored within them as they die.
  • US, India, China CO2 figures are not even quantified, in reality the situation is worse than it appears, why are we cutting down trees without being able to replace their contribution?
  • Australia continues to produce C02 despite agreeing with United Nations protocols and membership. It has one of the worst records on the planet.
  • If there is no halt in deforestation, no alternatives offered to consumers of coal produced electricity, no advancement in artificial photosynthesis, no allowance made for US, China or India in forecasts; the earth will be unable to sustain us, it will die and we will die.
  • Can anybody really defend racism in this day and age?
  • Despite any moral rationale, does racism have a part in modern society when over half of the consumers are not white?
  • If we are not part of the solution are we part of the problem? (Leroy Cleaver)