Corporate Membership and the CSR Survey

Corporate membership has several aspects and ways to promote ethical standing.

  • CSRAA Survey provides a rating for marketing promotion and staff evaluation. The rating incorporates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) values.
  • Inclusion of the rating on the site.
  • Issue of a CSRAA rating certificate which has a unique digital signature, authentication and time stamping that avoids unauthorised copying and personalises the rating to you.
  • The issue of the trademarked CSRAA gif or jpeg for your company website.
  • A survey performance review and recommendations.
  • Article produced from an interview with CSRAA journalist that is branded with your logo
  • Video of your article that is branded with your logo (3 minutes)

CSRAA certification strengthens your brand through the recognition of your ethical position. Your stance against racism or your environmental positioning is reflected in the rating awarded. The rating incorporates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

Certification and membership enables the inclusion of an ethical component in your marketing, placates staff through transparency. Membership quantifies key parameters, enforcing the brand.  CSRAA certification offers a powerful marketing resource that is trustworthy since the award is made by an unrelated third party.

CSRAA accreditation recognises you as a leader of the responsible business movement offering transparency and accountability. For each membership sold, we donate to the Cathy Freeman Foundation, the Sisters Inside, Black Lives Matter, One Trees Planted, the World Food Programme and the Great Australian Purge. The donations enable us to assist keep Aboriginal women from incarceration in WA by helping with the payment of fines. It also enables us to assist with Indigenous education through the Cathy freeman foundation and to promote equality, prevent starvation and help limit plastic pollution in the sea. Hopefully you are happy to support theses charities. We are honoured to be part of their fundraising arm. We will provide regular editorial updates on related news.

The certification image can be used without change. The certification image has a Trade Mark. Usage can be removed should the CSRAA deem impropriety or a change in circumstances or misrepresentation. The award confirms responsible practices.

The award is a result of collaboration between the CSRAA, academics, industry and government representatives, private companies and associations.