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US to leave Paris accord

Published: 05/November/2019

Gone but not forgiven, Attenborough for President of the world?

I had not followed American politics very closely. I had not really formed an opinion about Mr. Trump. I recently felt unwell as my team failed again at the Rugby world cup, but nothing really compares with the backwards step the US has taken by removing itself from the Paris Climate accord both on behalf of itself and the world.

I doubt my children will understand and I doubt that the full significance can be realised. Having studied hard to produce a reasonable CSRAA constitution, having sacrificed some morals and made concessions where never I thought might be possible, such as the support of the nuclear industry, one thing, a few things now seem certain.

Nothing is for ever, Mr. Trump, there are plenty of US citizens equally appalled at your actions as I. There remains hope that technology will prevail and that human endeavour will provide a solution. But until that scientific breakthrough occurs we are one step closer to the edge, is it time for the shout for the aged David Attenborough for President of the world?

The Trump administration has notified the international community it plans to officially withdraw from the Paris climate accord. Significant news.