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An encouraging step in the right direction?

Published: 08/September/2019

Carbon capture remains..

  • Karbon capture remains out of reach for the majority of China’s 3,400 cement firms but an alternative is now available and has been invested in by Anhui Conch.
  • In Wuhu, China, at the Baimashan plant in eastern China, the cement giant Anhui Conch has invested nearly USD$10 million to capture and store climate-warming greenhouse gas produced by its kilns.
  • The pilot carbon capture and storage project, separates and purifies 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, which Conch intends to sell to industrial consumers. Beijing claims this is an example of a high-tech scheme that will cut pollution.
  • The volume of CO2 caught however is just a small part of the 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 generated annually by each production line, and Conch is aiming to make the technology more affordable. It has however recognised the market demand and created a start. Both of which is commendable and encouraging.
  • China, is the world’s biggest consumer of cement, with a total production capacity representing about 55% of the total. The sector’s environmental footprint is enormous and produces other nasties such as nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide as well as the CO2.
  • The global cement industry is responsible for around 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas, six of the world’s 10 biggest cement producers are in China.