Let`s not miss the party 

Does the Yingli Chinese company scenario, the death and bankruptcy of an environmental bright light accurately reflect what`s really happening? Maybe I am ignorant? but I have never heard of the company, Yingli, or know of their history. Yingli were listed on the US Stock exchange, they were worth millions, employed thousands and were one […]

We need a Coal alternative

Coal powered the industrial revolution but is the industry hay day over? Some analysis claims this year will witness the largest fall in electricity production of coal on record. The reduction is estimated to be more than the power generated from coal in Germany, Spain and the UK combined. A projected drop of 3% published […]

US to leave Paris accord

Gone but not forgiven, Attenborough for President of the world? I had not followed American politics very closely. I had not really formed an opinion about Mr. Trump. I recently felt unwell as my team failed again at the Rugby world cup, but nothing really compares with the backwards step the US has taken by [...]